Sunday, July 30, 2006

Google is NOT the answer to passing the Florida Accredited Claims Adjuster exam

To the person who found my blog googling "florida accredited claims adjuster exam answers", I would like to suggest you first google "florida accedited claims adjuster".

By definition, you can't become a Florida Accredited Claims Adjuster without taking a class. If you take the class, you'll have the answers to the exam. It's that simple. What you are probably seeking are the answers to the standard Florida Claims Adjuster exam. That's the exam you can take if you don't take the class. And it's much harder. If you really want to be a claims adjuster in Florida, take my advice and take the class.

Now, that said, I'd also suggest you think about what motivates you to become a claims adjuster. Bocona, seeing dollar signs flashing before her eyes after two years of horrible hurricanes, made me get my license, but without any practical experience in auto repair or construction, it was truly a waste of money.

For what it's worth, I'm still looking for an IT job.

While I have your attention

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Anonymous said...

a good question everyone reading this may like to know. which is more likely to get someone hired
a 6-20 A license for an adjuster employed by an insurance carrier.
or 5-20 A license for an adjuster who will work independently or for an independent adjusting company.
also one school told me when filling for your license you can only pick one, another school told me id receive both? who do i believe?

Alan Frayer said...

As my lack of field experience (and unofficially, my age) prevented me from finding work in this line, I don't think I can fairly offer an answer to your first question, but I'd like to see some opinions on it as well.

As to the 2nd question, though, that's cut and dried: when I got my license, I could pick one or the other, not both. I did have the option to change my license from a 5-20 to a 6-20 should it become necessary, however. Just a matter of red tape.